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How to Start Your Vehicle When Key Fob is Not Working?

What to do When Your Key Fob is Not Working?  

We all agree that the key fob has made our work more manageable, but things become difficult to manage when it stops working. What will you do if your key fob is dead? Join Victory Motors in Chesterfield, MI, as we answer all your questions. If you plan to purchase a used vehicle, feel free to check out our inventory. Keep reading to know more! 

If you use the key fob to lock and unlock your vehicle, the chances are high that the key is hidden behind the fob. After finding the key, you can open your vehicle’s door manually. You can press the dead key fob against the start button in some vehicles, and the engine will be started. 

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You will see a special receptacle near or under the start button, center console, and steering column in a few vehicles. When inserting the key fob into the receptacle, press the start button while pressing the brake pedal. This way, you can start the engine.

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If your key fob’s battery needs to be replaced, you can use this procedure to start your engine.  

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