Mechanic is checking tire.

How to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle’s Winter Tires

4 Tips to Increase Your Vehicle’s Winter Tire Lifespan 

Winter is a tough time of year for vehicles. The cold weather and snowy conditions can take a toll on your tires, which is why it’s important to take extra care of them during this season. In this blog post by Victory Motors in Wyandotte, MI, we will explore four tips to help increase the lifespan of your winter tires. From regular tire maintenance to how you drive in winter weather, read on how to extend the life of your vehicle’s winter tires. 

Get a Wheel Alignment 

One of the best ways to ensure your winter tires last as long as possible is to get the wheel alignment. This helps keep your tires from wearing down unevenly and will also help improve your gas mileage. You can usually get a wheel alignment done at your local auto shop or dealership. 

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Check Your Tire Pressure Regularly 

Mechanic is checking tire.

Another way to prolong the life of your winter tires is to check the tire pressure regularly. This is especially important in colder weather, as the air pressure in your tires can drop when it’s cold outside. You can check your tire pressure with a gauge at home, or most gas stations have air pumps that you can use for free. 

Rotate Your Tires Regularly 

Rotating your tires is another good way to make them last longer. This helps evenly distribute the wear and tear on your tires and can also help improve your gas mileage. Most auto shops will rotate your tires for free if you bring them in for an oil change or other service. 

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Avoid Hitting Curbs or Potholes 

Hitting curbs and potholes can cause damage to your tires, so it’s best to avoid them if possible. If you do hit a curb or pothole, inspect your tires afterward for any signs of damage. If you notice any cracks, bulges, or other damage, take your car to an auto shop right away 

There you have it! Our top tips for extending the life of your vehicle’s winter tires. By following these simple tips, you can enjoy safer driving all winter long and save yourself some money in the process.