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How Can We Make Our New Car Buying Experience Hassle-free?

6 Best Ways You Should Follow to Buy a New Car

Looking for the best way to buy a car? Nowadays, buying your first car can be a daunting experience because of the recent hikes in car & fuel prices. Let us share some practical tips & advice on how to purchase a vehicle in a smart & convenient way. Keep reading this blog by the Victory Motors dealership in Chesterfield, MI, to learn about the best ways to buy a new car.

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Set Your Priority  

Identify your basic needs & purpose. Modern cars with intelligent features such as a sunroof, touchscreen music system, etc., might be enticing, but a car with good fuel economy can be your best choice if you’re a daily commuter.  

Set Your Budget  

You can ensure the money spend on the vehicle if your budget is static. Spending 15% of take-home pay on the car is advisable. Remember the hidden costs such as-.  

  •       Vehicle Registration  
  •       Insurance  
  •       Parking Tax  
  •       Pollution Testing, &  
  •       Maintenance.  
  • Understand & Secure Auto Loans  

Boost your buying power with a pre-approved loan. Getting a pre-approved loan can give you an accurate budget. Don’t close any credit cards before applying for a car loan. It will lower your credit score. The more your credit score is, the better the chances of getting a fair rate.

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Do Your Research  

A little prep work such as using the internet to check & compare the price online, reading reviews, and talking to friends for first-hand feedback can help you finalize.  

Take a Test Drive  

Pay attention to the brake, wheels, visibility, and any noise from the engine. Try to drive on different roads. If you have kids, take them along to know their comfort level.  

Explore Pre-Owned Options  

New vehicles lose roughly 20% of their value in the first year. Consider buying preowned vehicles to maximize the value of your money. In this case, Certified Preowned Vehicles (CPO) will be your best choice. Look into the features that fit your priority. Always negotiate for the best deal. Don’t rush because buying a vehicle is one of the best moments to cherish.

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If you are in the market for a good quality used car with solid features, please visit us at the Victory Motors dealership in Chesterfield, MI, and explore our inventory. We will be pleased to assist you.