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How to get the most miles out of your car?  

Boosting Your Car’s Mileage 

Imagine being in Sussane’s shoes, driving around Chesterfield, MI, and watching your car’s gas gauge drop faster than usual. Frustrating, right? Sussane found herself in this situation and decided to visit Victory Motors, a trusted local auto shop. This blog will examine Mike’s tips to boost your car’s mileage.  

At Victory Motors, Sussane met Mike, a friendly and knowledgeable staff member. She explained her mileage woes to him, and Mike jumped into action, eager to help her squeeze more miles out of her car.  

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1. The Thorough Check-up:  

Mike started with a comprehensive inspection of Sussane’s vehicle. He looked at the tires, engine, and exhaust system to find any issues that might be causing her car’s mileage to suffer. It’s a crucial step in solving the mileage mystery.  

2. Tires Matter:  

One of the first things Mike recommended was keeping Sussane’s tires inflated. It might not sound like a big deal, but under-inflated tires create more friction, making the engine work harder and burn more fuel. Keeping those tires in check boosts mileage and extends tire life.  

3. Engine Love:  

Mike emphasized the importance of regular engine care. He advised Sussane to stick to a routine maintenance schedule and get regular oil changes. A well-maintained engine operates more efficiently, saving you money at the pump.  

4. Smooth Driving Style:  

Mike suggested Sussane develop smart driving habits to get more miles out of her car. Gentle acceleration, smooth braking, and avoiding long idling periods all contribute to fuel savings. It’s all about driving sensibly and pocketing those extra bucks.  

5. Healthy Exhaust System:  

Mike also pointed out that an exhaust system in good shape is crucial for mileage. A malfunctioning exhaust can not only hurt your wallet but also the environment. Regular inspections and fixes are a must.  

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Mechanic working on the vehicle
Mechanic pouring oil in the engine

With Mike’s expert advice and her car thoroughly checked, Sussane left Victory Motors feeling more confident. She was determined to follow Mike’s recommendations and was sure to see a significant improvement in her car’s mileage.  

Victory Motors in Chesterfield, MI, is your go-to place to deal with a mileage mystery. The friendly staff, including folks like Mike, are always ready to help you get more out of your car while saving on fuel costs. We also have financing options for people planning to buy a used car.